XK120 1952 FHC Wing Fender Front Clip
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This front-end assembly is from an August 1952 build XK120 Fixed Head Coupé that was disassembled for parts 40 years ago.  It has been indoors since the XK was taken apart.  Mechanical parts are usually found for XK's but it’s very difficult to find sheet-metal for XK's because they rusted so easily.  This front-end has part of the windscreen pillars still intact.  This assembly was also recently media blasted to show its true condition and then treated to prevent flash rusting.  It’s in good, restorable condition and with the patch panels available today, it’s possible to bring this back to life again for your Fixed Head Coupé.  Here at Absolute XK's we carry all the repair panels needed to restore this and can advise you as to pricing and delivery.  


  • Item #: XK120 1952 FHC Wing Fender Front

XK120 1952 FHC Wing Fender Front Clip

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