XK120 OTS (Roadster) Complete Reproduction Body
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If compared next to the original XK bodies, one would be hard pressed to see a great deal of difference.  Made in Europe using a combination of modern tooling and time-honored hand craftsmanship, these XK bodies are superbly reproduced and sold by us here in the United States.  We are the sole representative of these bodies.  These are not carelessly made by factory workers in another country where the standards of quality are considerably lower.  The craftsmen who assemble these bodies are very involved with the Jaguar XK120-140-150 motor cars and know all the subtle nuances of their construction.  These are special order items and built to order therefore delivery times vary depending on production schedule.  We welcome all inquiries to answer additional questions you may have. 


The XK120 body is available as two additional variants, a complete alloy body and drop head coupe.  Contact us for pricing.

  • Item #: XK120 Body Assembly OTS/Roadster

XK120 OTS (Roadster) Complete Reproduction Body

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