XK120-XK140-XK150 Side Lamp Pod Reproductions
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These side lamp pods are made of the correct gauge steel and are accurately based on factory blueprints. They will fit all variants of the XK120-140-150. These pods are sold as a pair. Our New York based company Absolute XKs will be, in the very near future, offering every body component that comprised the legendary XK120-140-150 series of Jaguars. That also includes complete body-shells of all three XK120-140-150 models with their three variants of body styles AbsoluteXKs. com The quality of these European made sills is a notch above the sometimes poorly made reproductions offered elsewhere. We expect only the best quality reproductions for own own XKs and we expect you do as well. We are happy to assist with shipping contact seller for details.

  • Item #: XK120-140-150 Side Lamp Pod Repr

XK120-XK140-XK150 Side Lamp Pod Reproductions

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