XK150 Aluminum Fuel Tank - All Variants
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XK150 Aluminum Fuel Tank for all three variants, Open Two Seater,  Fixed Head Coupé and Drop Head Coupé.  Hand crafted from aluminum with tig welded seams this tank offers an alternative to the traditional metal tanks. Aluminum has the added benefit of withstanding today's harsh ethanol based fuels that can cause metal tanks to deteriorate from the inside out.  This unit is a bolt-in replacement that allows you to continue to use your spare tire compartment for it's intended purpose. The alloy tank offers a significant reduction in weight for the race enthusiast in all of us.
Transportation from New York to the buyer's location is the responsibility of the buyer.  We will be happy to assist with those arrangements and have discounted shipping rates available.  No crating charge will be applied; it is included in the price to protect the unit during shipping.
  • Item #: XK150 Aluminum Fuel Tank - All

XK150 Aluminum Fuel Tank - All Variants

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